English Language

English Language at Kwok Yat Wai.


Once you step into our campus, not only do we connect you with the community, but also with the world.


Students may wonder why we have to learn English. Here at Kwok Yat Wai, we provide students the answer. We do not just learn English for public examination, our teachers try very best to let our students use and live the language!


With a wide variety of English learning activities organized in our school, students are exposed to a very rich English environment.


The English Ambassador Programme helps our students improve English and further develop their leadership talents. In order to promote the use of English in the campus, our English ambassadors are ready to welcome you at the English Café on English Fridays and other occasions like morning assemblies and the English Week. All of our English ambassadors are well trained. Don’t be shy to talk to them!


Joint-school Oral Practices provide opportunities for our senior form students to improve their speaking skills. Having a mock exam with students from schools of different backgrounds, students can have a better understanding on how the exam looks like. They can learn from one another and gain more confidence to tackle the real exam.


Project WeCan strengthens the link between our students and university students. This year, PolyU students came to our school and ran various activities, such as the English Week and the English Christmas Camp. With the help from university students, not only English but also leadership skills and collaboration among peers can be further developed.


TW Oxbridge English Camp and TW English Interview Workshops

These are the highlights of our English learning activities. Every year, Tung Wah recruits students from Oxford University and Cambridge University as our English tutors. Students with good English from eighteen TW secondary schools spend two weeks at summer camp with our young, devoted and enthusiastic university student tutors. Students make new friends and learn English in a fun way.


In order to help our senior form students equip themselves with skills and knowledge required for job interviews, Tung Wah offers a series of training workshops in summer. Professionals from various career fields volunteered to be students’ life coaches and star tutors. With their rich life experience and valuable advice, our students are well prepared to have a real downtown job interview in different corporations assigned to them.


Cultural Exploration Trips & Study Tours around the World

In these two years, our students have been to Shanghai, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, USA, London & Scotland, to name a few. Students can see how languages work in different places globally.


SCEN Youth Summit Study Trip lets our students share their experience of learning different languages, including English and Putonghua, and school life in the Youth Summit. Also, students make good use of the opportunities to practice English and Putonghua with the locals in Edinburgh. In addition, students can experience and know more about the lifestyle and culture in Edinburgh when they live with their host families. During the study trip, students are immersed in their host families’ lives. The experience is invaluable.


We believe that English should be learnt with real life experience and sweet memories. There must be one activity which suits you well at Kwok Yat Wai College!