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東華三院郭一葦中學 TWGHs Kwok Yat Wai College 中一自行分配學位申請須知 S1 Discretionary Places 2022/2023 (二零二二年九月入讀)  
(一) 本年度自行分配中一學位數目:2022-2023 S1 Discretionary Places: 40
(二) 收生準則及比重 Selection Criteria and Weightings
評核項目 Items 比重Weightings
面試 Interview 30%
教育局成績次第 EDB ranking 20%
小六學業成績 (上學期) P6 academic performance 20%
小六操行成績 (上學期) P6 conduct 10%
小五、小六曾參加的課外活動、服務、奬項、多元智能卓越表現及考獲國際學術水平 P5-P6 Extra-curricular activities, service, awards, multi-talents and attained international academic qualification 20%
(三) 申請、面試及成績公布時間表 Schedule of Application, Interview and Result Announcement
Items 日 期 Date
申請日期 Period of application for S.1 Discretionary Places   3/1/2022 - 17/1/2022
面試(中、英、數、常及操行一般達B級或以上之申請人將獲安排面試) Interview (General performance with grade B or above in core subjects and conduct will be invited to attend an interview)   19/2/2022
通知正取學生家長自行分配學位結果 Notification of results for successful applicants 31/3/2022
教育局公布中學學位分配結果 Release of Central Allocation results   12/7/2022
中一學生註冊 S.1 registration  14/7/2022 - 15/7/2022
(四) 申請辦法 Application methods
(1) 請於本校網頁(http://www.twghkywc.edu.hk)下載或親臨本校校務處 索取申請表。Download the application form from our school website or collect the application form from our General Office in person. 中一自行分配學位申請須知   中一自行分配學位申請表
(2) 填妥申請表後連同下列文件交回本校校務處。Submit the completed application form and the following documents to our General Office.
l   教育局的「中一自行分配學位申請表」Application Form for Secondary 1 Discretionary Place
l   出世紙或身份證副本 Copy of Birth Certificate or HKID Card
l   相片乙張 Photo
l   小五及小六成績表副本 Copies of P.5 and P.6 Report Cards
l   小五或小六已批改的中英文作文副本各一份 Copies of a Piece of Marked English Writing and a Piece of Marked Chinese Writing in P.5/P.6. l   小五及小六獎狀副本(如有) Copies of P.5 and P.6 certificates of commendation (if available) l   校內外課外活動、領導才能及多元智能卓越表現證書副本(如有) Copies of certificates of extra-curricular activities in school or outside school, leadership & multi-talents (if available) l   考獲國際學術水平證書副本(如有) Copies of international academic qualification obtained (if available)
(3) 申請人不需要提交小學推薦信。 Applicants do not need to submit Primary Principal’s recommendation letter.
(4) 申請人可以透過郵寄方式遞交申請,請附上已貼妥郵票之回郵信封壹個(須寫上學生姓名及地址) Applicants can submit the application form, related documents and a stamped addressed envelope by mail.  
(五) 本校辦公時間 Office Hours 星期一至五 Monday-Friday 上午八時三十分至下午五時正8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m.
星期六 Saturday          上午八時至下午一時正       8:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.  
(六)    電話查詢 Enquiry telephone2447 1258